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We were stoked when we open up this May's editon of Surfing Life.  Here is their Wetsuit Guide featuring the Adrenalin ZX Team Suit.

Some of the comments we couldn't have put better ourselves
"I dunno how youíd beat it for value". Nick Carroll

Have a read for yourself and see the complete ZX Suit spec in the Performance Steamer Section on this site
Surfing Life Banner1 Final

Surfing Life BTesters Call

The ZX suit... for the price, this thing is crazy value. Itís like looking at one of the top makersí top of
the range suits from a couple of years ago. Itís got pretty much everything youíd expect, a good chest
zip, warm, loose to surf in. You get a bit of water in through the shoulder side of the chest zip and
some flow through in and out of the ankles, but in normal conditions, like winter going
down the coast
from home (the Gold Coast), thatís not a bad thing. It helps you from getting too
hot at times. Iím pretty
amazed honestly at what theyíve achieved at the price.
Good stuff. Ė Bottle
Surfing Life Nicks Fact Check

Adrenalin have been doing this suit for a couple of years now, making little steps forward each time.

Itís easy to see where it fits in the marketplace Ė the fact is that these sorts of price-point wetties
make up about
two-thirds of the overall full suit sales volume, so thereís a lot of blokes out there
who appreciate something
this sensible for the price tag. This yearís model seems stepped slightly
up, with what looks like tougher stitching
around the base of the chest zip set-up and a better
overall feel in the material. Itís not as outrageously flexible as some of the other suits in this Test,
but I dunno how
youíd beat it for value.
Nick Carroll

Surfing Life Designers Pitch

A chest-entry, 3/2 steamer with multi-directional super-stretch outer nylon, matched with
superstretch inner mini plush enabling a tight-fitting design, snug fit with no baggy areas.
The seams are glued and blind-stitched and then liquid sealed twice. There is no restriction from
the liquid seal, it stretches more than the suit. Smoothie neoprene is folded back into the sleeve to
stop water flush through. Superstretch, mini-plush collar reinforces the protection behind the
neck X seal. The double-layer, liquid-seam seal stops all movement of moisture in or out of the
suit along the line of stitching. Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults.

Surfing Life Icons

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