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Adrenalin 360

Adrenalin 360
360 for Web 1
Massive Surf for the Adrenalin 360 Surf Comp
Surf-Skate and Scooter Comp Avalon Beach 2014
The Avalon Surf really put on a show over the two days.
The surf waited till the start of the competiton on the 15th and then really started cranking up all the way on the 16th March. It was the best the beach had seen all year. Exactly as it was the last year - quite uncanny really.
Due to its huge sucess last year, the competition was held over two days with the edition of a Scooter competiton at nearby Avalon Skate Bowl. In the evening over at the Bowls Club, The Avalon Beach Historic Society put on a film and presentation by Mr David Lyal, who was there in the 1950's, when the first Longboards arrived from America at Avalon Beach. Mr Jack McCoy, the surf film legend, also related some fasinating background stories and antidotes while in the course of make his films.

On Sunday, the groms were joined in the ever growing surf, by the Adrenalin sponsored Inception Longboard Classic, a new competition that was created to celebrated the first Longboards arriving at Avalon Beach in 1956. All competions were hailed as huge success and will be on again next year.

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