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Category Shoes

AQUATIC SHOES and Sneakers

Adrenalin have road tested, evolved and designed the footwear range for protection and comfort
Be it footwear for Diving, Sailing Fishing, or Beach Combing,† you can be sure the Adrenalin team have done the hard yards...†And believe us when we say the Adrenalin team are the toughest critics you will find. They excel in specialised footwear you can depend on:
From rock fishing to tropical trekking, to dive boats and trawlers to beach and anything in between, the Adrenalin range has something to perfectly suit the purpose and the pocket.
The great range of Adrenalin footwear & boots share the same brand values that youíll find across all of the Adrenalin products. Itís why they have our unique Lifetime Warranty.

Adrenalin Double Plugger Thongs Adrenalin Double Plugger Thongs $9.95
Genuine 100% rubber thongs with deluxe strap and double plugs for comfort, security and durability. Great for the beach, the foreshore and casual social events. view more...

Adventurer Outdoor Shoe Adventurer Outdoor Shoe $19.95
Protection in & out of the water from this great outdoor shoe view more...

AirPump Shoe AirPump Shoe $49.95
Pumps air in as you walk to keep your feet cool. Creats a ventilation cycle to keep your feet cool and comfortable like no other shoe. view more...

Amphibian Sneaker Aqua Shoe Amphibian Sneaker Aqua Shoe $24.95
Amphibian aqua shoe designed for both wet and dry use, super comfortable fit. The perfect shoe to take you from the street to the beach and beyond. view more...

Aqua Shoe Aqua Shoe $15.95
Simple, comfortable solution for foot protection in water, reef and beach play. Available in sizes 0 - 13, perfect for the whole family and comes with a handy FREE re-usable mesh carry bag. view more...

Beach and Reef Sandal Beach and Reef Sandal $39.95
All terrain use! This sandal has been expertly designed to provide maximum comfort and versatility... built tough to be worn over harsh surfaces! Features smooth neoprene lining, moulded sole with arch support, heavy duty traction & 3 adjustable hook & lo view more...

Boatie Neoprene Sneake Boatie Neoprene Sneake $39.95
A super comfortable and secure shoe with added toe protection and grip, mid cut to protect ankles and minimise sand intrusion. Ideal on board, on reef and exploring. view more...

Camo Trekker Outdoor and Aqua Shoe Camo Trekker Outdoor and Aqua Shoe $19.95
High-Grip sole keeps you secure in wet conditions. Popular Camo pattern with black high-grip sole, also features a heel wedge under in-sole for comfort and a neoprene side panel to protect your ankles from the elements. Includes a FREE handy reusable mesh view more...

Happy Aqua Shoe Happy Aqua Shoe $15.95
Comfortable shoe based on the original happy shoes of the mid 80ís view more...

Mariner Yacht and Boating Shoe Mariner Yacht and Boating Shoe $44.95
Perfect sailing, boating and water sport shoe with non-marking sole and features drainage slots in sole allow water to drain away quickly. Comfortable, with elastic laces and toggle makes this easy to put on but still a very secure shoe. The non- marking view more...

Moulded Sole Neoprene Sneaker Moulded Sole Neoprene Sneaker $49.95
Super comfortable and secure shoe view more...

Reflex Aquatic Shoe Reflex Aquatic Shoe $19.95
Cool new styling and colours with non-marking sole to take you across all your watersports activities. Available in sizes 4-10 for the whole family. Comes with FREE mesh bag! view more...

Resort Aqua Shoe Resort Aqua Shoe $27.95
Contemporary sneaker style, perfect for resort, boat and beach view more...

Sk8r Shoe Sk8r Shoe $29.95
Comfort & style in this purpose build skateboard sneaker view more...

Splash Aqua Shoe Splash Aqua Shoe $13.95
Splash Aqua Shoe for kids Great aquatic protection view more...

Top Sider Sneaker Boat and Beach Shoe Top Sider Sneaker Boat and Beach Shoe $39.95
Drainage slots in sole allow water to drain away quickly. New stylish slip on aquatic shoe is as versatile as your lifestyle to take you from the street to the water. Sensational for all land and sea activities. The non-marking sole is ideal for boating, view more...

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