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Category Gloves

Dive, spearfishing or aquaculture wear our
gloves with confidence knowing your hands are
well protected

Whether you're diving around coral for fun or constantly have your hands in and out of water in aquaculture, our range of dive gloves provide warmth and protection for a number of applications while providing the extra grip you just can't get when your hands are wet.

Amara Dive Glove Amara Dive Glove $28.95
A proven performer with our neoprene and Amara conbination. These gloves use a high quality neoprene to provide increased warmth, while a soft Amara palm and fingers allow for easier hand and finger movements and a great 'feel.' view more...

HDX Kevlar Dive Glove HDX Kevlar Dive Glove $29.95
Super tough and durable with superior grip and handling. A top quality versatile glove which features neoprene for xtra warmth, re-inforced double Amara palms and durable Kevlar tips which give good grip and extra protection. view more...

Woven Nylon Grip Glove Woven Nylon Grip Glove $6.95
A great value for money glove. Made from a tough woven nylon material, it features PVC grip on the palm for a secure hold, either wet or dry, elasticised wrist for secure fit and a thicker material for greater protection. view more...

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