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Giving back to the Community
is part of our responsibility

We believe actions speak louder than words...

Here at Adrenalin we actively support the local charity organisations through our donations of watersports equipment and our time. CEO John Axford explains.
"As Australia's largest supplier of watersports equipment, we invariably we have seconds - wetsuits, rashies, shoes and the like, that are perfectly functional but not saleable. These we fix up with our company and Community Working Bees to donate to various charities around the community."
"Some items may need just a quick wash - others may need a little repair, this is done by charity helpers and our staff in Weekend Working Bees. It's our way of giving to others not as fortunate as ourselves, the opportunity to experience the fun and physical benefits of watersports."

John Axford, CEO


Sea Australia

Escaping a Rip in Rip School. Sea Australia are teaching kids on Redback Kirra Club Trainers.
This is the goal of all SEA Programs-Teaching kids easy survival techniques in Escaping Surf Rips and the importance of basic water safety messages.
SEA is a major contributor to water safety in Australia

Craig Riddington


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"...we are pleased  to give a little of our time and resources to those who find themselves in not quite as fortunate positions as ourselves..."

John Axford CEO




Ian McEvoy of Australian Red Cross with
Adrenalin CEO John Axford

"In appreciation for your generous and continuous donations of hundreds of dollars worth of stock to our Newport Beach store."

Steve Cassar
National Retail Operations Manager
Australian Red Cross



Lifelong surfer and Adrenalin Product Developer, Josh, tells the story of Adrenalin's involvement with Surf for Life...

"Surfing has such a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Through our partnership with Surf for Life, Adrenalin is committed to giving back to our community by working to promote surfing to the young as a tool to build confidence and develop life skills. Our Team devote free time reconditioning Surfware which we then donate Free to those who would not normally be in the position to experience the fun and physical benefits that the sport of Surfing provides"

Josh Axford, Product Developer

"Surf for Life in partnership with Adrenalin, gave their time & resources to be a point of difference in the community and in the lives of individuals..."

Phil Jackson
Link Events, Community Coordinator




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